Welcome 2021

Greetings, World. 

There is a sickness running rampant in the politics of the planet.  What better way to escape than to become engrossed in the skills of a septuagenarian who solves crimes? 

Charlotte Smart teams with local detectives to bring down the bad guys in Charlotte, Accident: A Charlotte Smart Mystery, and Broadway, the third in the sequence.  In Broadway, to be published in 2022 by Hawkshaw Press (imprint of Devil’s Party Press) Charlotte is called into New York City where a beautiful model named Brooklyn is shoved down a flight of stairs, her back severely injured.  Her brother, whose name is Broadway, works with Charlotte, who is put up in a posh hotel in Times Square, to investigate what local police erroneously consider an accidental fall.  Charlotte is consistently cautious yet insightful, and step by measured step, helps close in on the culprit. 

It’s challenging yet great fun to write these tales of this remarkable, elderly woman.  In much of the plots, I draw from my own life experiences, since I’m a senior citizen as well, though I can’t say I have personally solved any horrific crimes.  I can say that the mess the world is in, with too many countries run by dictators and tyrants, is a powerful source of intrigue for a writer.  I invite all who are interested, to join me in my journey through Charlotte’s amazing web.  Agatha Christie is the model mystery writer, and Charlotte emulates her in how she pulls all potential suspects together in a dramatic climax. Happy reading to all, and I hope you enjoy my trilogy!    

NOTE: Stan currently publishes through Devil’s Party Press’ imprint, Hawkshaw Press, and though they post the blogs for Stan, he does all the writing.