Charlotte on Nellie’s Book Nook, LAST STOP ON THE TOUR, AND…

Thank you to Great Escapes for taking Stan, Greg, and Charlotte on tour!

This week Charlotte Smart is appearing on Nellie’s Book Nook!

Screen Shot 2021-10-09 at 1.33.15 PM

All good things, amazing things, and wonderful things must, sadly, come to an end.

This is the last blog for my book tour, though not my last blog post here on my blog.

Thanks so much to Nellie’s Book Nook for helping spread the word about Charlotte. I am so overwhelmed by your kindness.

And my most sincere gratitude to the astounding Lori Caswell, who, out of the sheer goodness of her own book-loving heart put together this humbling and stunning book tour. It was exactly what Charlotte needed, and I am so delighted that so many people now know Charlotte they way that I always saw her as my big sister, and the way I imagined her in this book. I have no doubt Charlotte could have put away a real bad-guy or two, and I think the wondrous Lori may be able to do so as well.

Much Love to you dear Lori, and to Nellie and her wonderful blog, and all the other blogger who were so gracious and kind and helpful~


PS. Don’t forget, Charlotte is back in Broadway releasing in 2022! Why, 2022 is almost here!


If you’re enjoying CHARLOTTE and would like to blog about book two in the series, ACCIDENT, or book three, BROADWAY, please contact my publisher who will get you a free copy! At Hawkshaw Press (an imprint of Devil’s Party Press, LLC) all the authors are folks over 40, some of us a little more over than others. 😉

Hawkshaw Press, be in the mystery.

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