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Charlotte Chapter 3 Post 2

WE DO GO TO DINNER, a Chinese restaurant Meredith knows with fierce, painted dragons on the wall and a large shield just inside the entryway. A fish tank is set near the reception counter, with bubbling water and at least ten exotic small fish, two bright blue with yellow tails, one a brilliant red. The host ambles up and says without us ask- ing, “A Filipino …

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Charlotte Chapter 3 Post 1

SINCE WE know each other well, Meredith coming into my motel room is not suggestive, nor does she see it as a ploy on my part to seduce her–though I’d be willing to shout to the Canadian geese out by the rain-made lake that I’d love to seduce her, that is, if she were willing. Which she is …

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Charlotte Chapter 2 Post 3

CHARLOTTE is roundly appreciated at Bigelow Village for her help- ful attitude with and toward otherresidents. Since she is younger than most and still filled with energy, she reads to those in the more inten- sive care units–articles from the New York Times or short fictional sto- ries–at least a couple of times aweek. She also gets paid ten dollars for accompanying an elderly person to a doctor’s appointment, push-ing the wheelchair, helping them in and out, providing moral support. The fact that she now suspects some sort of foul play with Claire’s death gets me to wondering about her own safety. We are in her unit, a one-room apartment with an open kitchen and small bathroom; it is light and airy, and the large …

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