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Charlotte Chapter 5 Post 1

IN THE AFTERNOON, I decide to take a nap and Charlotte invites me to do it in her small apartment. Lying there, my mind churns and I pick up that in her last, almost laconic statement, was an implication that Claire may have seen–in a figurative rather than ocular sense–something that threatenedsomeone. When Meredith dropped …

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Charlotte Chapter 4 Post 1

I TELL CHAR that Meredith and I would like to take her out for breakfast. Her reply is instantaneous: “I usually have a bagel and coffee, so that would be a treat. Pick me up at nine o’clock.” We do, and as we are getting into Meredith’s car, Char says to her, “Don’t know why you and I never spent some time together. I really loved your grandmother. She and I had a special connection.” “I know that. She spoke of you …

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